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truffles search - things to do !!

What is to be considered in a truffles search,? Where do I find truffles, which kind of habitat does a truffle need for growing and how can I detect these habitats? Answeres to this you will find by clicking throgh the several registers in this homepage.

- Just click through or send us a question.


Another tipp - not about truffles though- If you want to pep up your food from the Asian Restaurant around the corner or even just give your with love made home prepared dishes the last kick...exlusively on this page you can order our special Piment. A secret recipe combining special herbs in a Reunion known old tradition recipe.

In this case we added it to this page, because it is a delicatesse as well. That is so far the only exeption and a journey for those who are acquainted with truffles already. Even wouldn´t recommend it to be combine with truffles - as the delicate flavour of truffles (remembering on woods and mountain lake waters and vibrant nature would just be killed by the intense flavour of chilly, spices, coconut and hot fires on a beach break.

So if you are interested in hot-flavours just click to this site:

4s-knack & juicy

not more...

los geht's...

Werkzeug einfache Schaufeln aus dem BaumarktWerkzeug einfache Schaufeln aus dem Baumarkt

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more of our cute truffle searching dachshund Wagner you can find on following links:


 e.g. his first own succesfully truffles hunt:



here you see him almost going crazy, because he wants to be the one who is finding truffles as first:


As I side show; Wagner as a puppy who got carried up the mountains to favor a healthy bone growth with no overstrains:



Or here as a puppy again. He always loved to dig!!



Trüffelsuche von Hand erfordert eine genaue Beobachtungsgabe und ein waches Auge. Die Suche hierbei eignet sich besonders an starken Hängen, weil hier die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass der Trüffel bereits etwas aaus dem Boden spitzelt am größten ist.


In der Ebene bzw. in flacher Hanglage bilden der Perigord Trüffel eine Art Brandmahl um den betroffenen Baum. Um den Stamm am Boden ist ringförmig nur Erde, also Fläche auf der nichts wächst. Dieses Phänomen nennt man auch Brûlée "Verbrannte Erde" und ist darauf zurückzuführen, dass das Geflecht in dem sich die Trüffel befinden, anderen Pflanzen keinen Platz mehr für ihr Wachstum lassen.



 Brûlée - Vegetationsfreie Zone um den Baum an dessen Wurzeln Trüffel sind.